Having diplomas that include the study of Horticulture and Arboriculture is a great help. But, what really makes us successful problem solvers for our clients is our combined experience of over thirty years. Much of what we need to do the best job for you just can’t be learned from a book.

About Us

We are committed to providing our clients:

Attention to Detail – This doesn’t only apply to our work, it applies to our service and our communications with our clients.

Passion About Our Work – We love what we do and our clients say it shows.

Experience & Full Time Commitment– This is our career. We have over 30 years of combined experience and are committed to keeping up to date with the latest trends, products, technologies and science.

Knowledge – Jeremy has a Diploma as a Horticulture Technician and Kim has a Horticulture Sciences Certificate.

Professionalism – We wear uniforms, we are always on time, we always show up and we always clean up the debris.


Kim Goodwin, HST

Kim has been in the landscaping business since 1993 and intends to stay in it because she loves it. She is certified in Horticulture Sciences and brings a vast knowledge of plants and soil science. She says...
“I love creating with colour , texture and form and helping gardens evolve into something that works in their environment.”


Jeremy Parry, HLT

Jeremy has been landscaping since 1996. As a certified Horticulture Landscape Technician he adds to the team his experience and expertise in Landscape Design and Landscape Construction.


“[O]ur lawns and gardens are among the best on our street and in our neighbourhood... Our property always looks well cared for... I would recommend Living Landscape to anyone who cares about quality and commitment when it comes to taking care of their lawns and gardens.” —V. Graham